Our Cosmic Evolution has Begun.

We are Ascending to the Next Level of Human Evolution ... And Expanded Consciousness 

Unprecedented acceleration of humanity's original design or Source Blueprint is on the return and presents itself for recovery and assimilation.  It seeks to be recognized and integrated by each of us!

Is it possible to experience life in fuller union with Source while embodied in human form?

This is what is happening on our planet.  

Our cosmic evolution is underway.

The door is open and the time 

is now...



It is possible to experience reality as a connection to, and 

as an immersion in a higher dimensional state.   

My name is Alaria.  My greatest joy is to  guide and 

support individuals toward this expansion by

assisting each one to:

Recover and embody aspects of  the whole being 

and accessing 

and integrating the source code 

unique to each



As needed, sessions are geared to clear 

debris preparing the way for client's rise to 

higher dimensional experience by

Removing and Dissolving:

Inhibitors such as blocks, energetic implants, attachments.  Also overcoming limiting patterns, conditioning, and the impacts of thought forms and distorted beliefs, perceptions, negative imprinting and more. 


Are you feeling a need for expansion?

Or maybe a little clarity on what is happening for you?

Could you use some powerful support?

Is now YOUR time?

Clear.  Access.  Recover.  Reclaim.  Activate.  Elevate.

Transformation is happening.

See you on the rise.


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Meet Your Guide

Alaria is an awakened spiritual guide, 

seer, and energy healer.

She is a powerful and insightful Wayshower who is  leading the way for Starseeds,

Lightworkers, and for Awakening Humanity.

Alaria is author of:

"Codices to the Mysteries Revealed Vol I-III"

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Lotus of a Thousand Suns

Welcome to Lotus of a Thousand Suns

Working with Alaria:

From the moment each life stream was breathed forth into it's inception, an opportunity formed to experience the gift of life as Source essence in individualized expression. 

Humanity is now crossing the threshold of a great opportunity.

With a bit of effort and support it is possible to increase awareness, and with greater ease, move into a heightened state of existence.  

And by listening to the still small voice within it soon becomes a clear and trustworthy tempest drowning out all other voices, and makes of the self a vehicle for, and a participant in, the greatest expansion of consciousness this world has ever known.

Accelerate and ease the process.

Contact Alaria for a one-on-one session.

Take the next step in support of your personal evolution.

Lotus of a Thousand Suns supports all on the journey of expansion

of the higher consciousness.

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Clearing & Realignment

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Listening to the Divine Indwelle​r

Discerning the limited ego as it uniquely expresses  through the self is a difficult task. The lower mind, being entrenched in a state of duality and separation, is not able to break free from its bindings by its own power alone. Something else is needed to allow for the recognition required to loosen the constructs that are designed to cage the individual and keep one suffering in each's own unique brand of limitation.


Ultimately, it becomes necessary to reach within to the Divine Nature for assistance.  Therein lies the road-map to redemption from the long-held immersion in illusion.  It  was designed uniquely for each individual.  No one can rob from another this internal treasure. It was affixed by the hand of the Creator and remains just where He placed it so long ago, still untouched, wholly intact. It is there simply waiting to be recognized.

 There is a great desire throughout  all of creation that you recover your Self.  You must refine the false self you have grown accustomed to.   Look to find the pure gold that lies hidden away deep in the core of you.  Let your True Nature stand revealed.  It wishes to be your only expression.  From within the center of being the Divine Indweller is seeking your attention.  

You are Pure Divinity. 

It is now time to recall this truth. 

Humanity is unequivocally

On it's way back to union with the Original Template of design...

The Mighty I Am Presence awaits!

In A Client's Words ...

"I was guided to ask if you would be interested in doing a session with my younger brother."

After the session:

"I really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the work you did with my brother. I can feel and hear the difference in his energy and voice,

a lot more clear about where he is in relationship with himself, other people and with the habits and patterns that are no longer serving him.

He is taking the time and learning to look harder and ask the harder questions so that the necessary changes can be made. He even has a brighter outlook on things. So, thank-you for the support and guidance you have offered him."

Marc Anthony  Santa Barbara, California USA

A Client's Experience  ...

"Many thanks I don't know what you did but I could feel something amazing like something left me... I had some big darkies on me! They really don't want us to be free do they?!!! I was writhing on my bed and crying, like an exorcism, which I guess it was.

Thank you so much again that was very powerful. I feel wonderful today. I slept a lot last night till late this morning and feel much rested. I just walked six miles so full of beans.

 I will always be eternally grateful for you're help connecting

me to Source!"

Alan R. - United Kingdom

A Client's Thanks ...

"Talking with you is like speaking to an angel.

The connection with the Divine inside you helped me establish was intensely powerful and life changing.

When we spoke to Archangel Michael the power of the message was etched into me.

I am forever grateful to you and to God for the messages I received."

Scott K. - South Dakota, USA

From a Client

I know that nothing will bring me the love and joy I want to experience. 

This work and my journey within is the only way!

Thank you so much for your support!

CC - Hawaii - USA

Note From a Client ...

"Thank you! I feel so much better :)  I've been following the protocol you designed for me night and day and I'm already making really noticeable progress."

Kaycee P.- Colorado Springs, Colorado USA

Find out what Spirit has in store for you. 

What will your experience be?

Shall we begin?

Reach deeper into your Grand Awakening!

Consult with guidance from the Highest octaves to see what is available for your acceleration into the Greater Reality.  Rediscover your own Divinity.

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