Infinity of the Divine Nature


Return to the Shores You Were Once Parted From

My expression of heartfelt gratitude is offered to you for having 

taken a moment to visit this page.  

Like many others, I have embodied here on earth at this time 

to bring assistance as a wayshower at the 

remarkable time of humanity's Great Awakening.  

Together  in service to the Mighty Creator 

we are now participating in bringing His vision to life 

of Humanity's full restoration.  

His dreams live in your heart.  Awaken to them!

Let them fill this world and yours.

-Alaria -

Lotus of a Thousand Suns

Alaria is an awakened spiritual guide, seer, and energy healer.

She is a powerful and insightful Wayshower who has been leading the way for Starseeds,  

Lightworkers, and for awakening humanity from the onset of Humanity's Return. 

She comes from the Angelic Realms

And works on the lineage of Archangel Michael

Sananda, The Cosmic Christ

Through The Great Central Sun

and is of the Priesthood of the Order of Melchizedek.

She has gained quantum awareness

and is Self-Realized

as she works 

with clients in quantum fields

of multi-dimensional


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Alaria is author of  the book "Codices to the Mysteries Revealed", Vol I-III 

available on Amazon & Kindle.

A drop in a Golden Stream,  make your way to the Ocean of  your Heart.

Humanity was always meant to be a Divine Expression of infinite wisdom.

The supreme wish for you, always,

is that you find your way home.

The time has Arrived for you

To take a Quantum Leap!