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Excerpt from my new book, Codices to the Mysteries Revealed, Volume I:

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Excerpt from Book:


"And so on this account take note. For it is here in this place, The Center of Creation, I shall set forth My Grand and New Decree that not a speck of Me shall go without warrant. Even now I go out to the furthest reaches of even the deepest, darkest, yes, into the pitch do I as yet wander to make an accounting for every last one. Into My Own Arms do I as yet gather them to set each free from the torment they have made for themselves, for each other. For I do say, Mighty indeed Am I, I will have no more of torment, yes even destruction spread itself down upon My Own Creation. And into the night have I, The Mighty One, tread out there to find you each and every one. And shall I set you free. Into the darkness flee no more. For I have sent My Very Own Messengers to find you in this dark hour of your own making. Shall I make you to realize the evil of your ways can be no more. Yes, it was but illusion to think it could ever truly exist. And I shall bring you home to Me to find your accounting in its fullest measure. For even to you O Great Dark one shall My Own Omnipresence make Itself known. There to have no more of your taste upon the people. The light of your darkness shall be found no more to mislead the faulty. For Mine Own Great Hand shall stretch out to each of them. There to sure them up, yes make steady their gaze upon Me. And shall you O Great Darkness be cast, yet hurled by My Own Great Hand, It’s force fully upon you, into your abyss truly one of your own making. Yes of your own design you made it long ago in your defiance of Me, your Maker. And I can have no more of it, your decay infesting the people of My Own Deepest and True Heart. For I make these in My Own Image, to be sure: I Am That I Am.”

Spirit Into Matter


Man is born of flesh, of elements of the earth, shaped and molded as clay. Out of the dust world he springs yet new again lifetime after lifetime looking both up at Himself and down at himself yet to again make self discovery.

To that end  I am here to assist you in remaking not only that self discovery in awareness, but in the uptake reclaiming your due wholeness.

Out of the mouth of  The Most High was uttered forth the Word and that Word is you. No, not in your current form. But in all that He made you to be. His intention is what must be uncovered, followed and then set into motion.  Bit by bit, stride by stride you will get there.  Where you might ask is there? Well, it is here right within you, and it is the home from whence you were issued forth. 

God/Creator/I Am.

"Now returning I set you into motion to find Me once again welling up issuing forth my My Effulgence just as I sent you forth to do at the beginning.

To that end let us begin. Take Me, your Eternal Divine Creator, forth to exist among you once more, that a heavenly, yes, divine calling I may make both upon and through those listening to my words. 

Make of My Own Great Longing a true site to behold in the remembering of it - your own divine heritage even your own origin.  I make of you now bright and new shining vessels to contain Me.  As you spread yourselves among them, those of the fallen nature still, as yet, once more take up My holy, yet indomitable name to issue forth from your own lips as it is My very own to be found.  It is indeed I Am That I Am, mighty conqueror of all that is yet held in darkness.  

Among the peoples of the world shall I wish My Sacred Name to be held in such containers as this. From out of the dust world shall I be seen to rise up true and tall to walk once more upon this My earthly home among the Peoplehood of My own heart divine. 

Write it! For I wish to speak it to all the nations that they form an allegiance in unity to The One Who sent each of them out at the start point of their own True beginning. Of a state, a status alike to none My very Effulgence shall they carry out to the peoples of the world to yet bring healing among the world's diverse peoplehood. And yet to bear no more of the anguish set upon them in division.

To this end I proclaim:  It is done. It is done. It is finally done!"

May His holy name remain present for all days mighty among them all, the True Peoplehood designed by the Great Creator of all Living beings, both far and wide throughout all creation vast and gloriously held in His name I Am, I Am, I Am. 

Eternally it is So. 


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