Infinity of the Divine Nature


Consciousness Restructuring 

and Meditation for...


Healing and Transformation... 

Expand from limitation into the Infinite Self!

•  Integrative transformational Sessions   

•  Private Sessions in person or by phone  

•  Self examination, dissolve & heal limiting  conditioning, remove energetic implants and attachments, integrate light codes, and much more.

•  *Group or individual access/activation Sessions

•  *Commune and Regenerate with Sacred Earth, Grid & the Living Natural World, absorb incoming life codes of the New Earth and the New Humanity.

Send a contact message to arrange for a session or to discuss a specifically tailored event for you or your group.

 Experience a Sacred Journey

-Sacred Site Attunement & Encodement Retrieval-

Get your download.  Awaken inherent precoded yet dormant knowledge, wisdom and Divine skill sets.  Now is the time.

Visit the Earth's Oldest Open Gateway to the Ethereal Realms.  Perhaps it is the doorway through which you first came into incarnation onto the earth-plane.  If so, powerful experiences await you.


Alaria is author of

"Codices to the Mysteries Revealed, Vol I-III"


 *options are varied  



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We'd love to hear from you! You can share what you're experiencing with your own transformation. Is the old paradigm shifting? Is something new and unmistakable revealing itself to you through your life circumstances, relationships, health, in other discernible ways?

1. No, you are not going crazy.

2. You are not in this by yourself.

3. We all need a little support sometimes.

4. It will make more sense with a little insight from a heightened perspective.

First of all, take a deep breath and relax. There is a lot of transformation happening now. It may look a bit confusing and chaotic out there. You may be having doubts about what you thought you knew. Reality as you've known it seems to be shifting. There is much change going on all around.

If you would like to arrange a personal -SESSION- an activity, or if you wish to connect for more information just fill out your contact information in the message block and press the "submit" button.​

So many embodied during this time frame,  to participate in the unfathomable transformation of humanity, to assist her in reclaiming her rightful heritage, to recover her Divine Blueprint. To be part of the experience as this earth is lifted up into Grace, complete with all Her life, and placed  back into the arms of the Divinity from which She came.


Here you are.  You've shown up to participate in humanity's greatest undertaking. 

By consciously working step by step through the process, you become part of the healing solution for the earth and all of Humanity! And thank you!

What will you experience? What is the very special and unique role you have to play in the unfolding Divine Plan for the restoration of this planet? What you do for yourself, you do for all!  We are one.

It could be that it's time for a renewed frame of reference, and an up-to-the-minute context in which to place your observations and perceptions.  Learning to discern from an elevated vantage point, tapping into a heightened perspective is key to ending the nightmare that so  many are walking through or are observing from the sidelines.

Indicators that you may be preparing to make a deepening shift into the ascension  process:

You may be facing unprecedented change in your thought and feeling worlds, or in your actions and habits.  Even core beliefs have become outdated. 

Is there a particular concern most prevalent or weighing on your mind?  Relationships, physical well-being, etc. 

Are you feeling like the world around you is quickly rearranging itself or that the reality you've known is disintegrating?

Are you being inundated with intense energy, thoughts or feelings? Are you becoming more aware of reoccurring patterns that do not suit or benefit?  Maybe you are experiencing physiological changes associated with your own ascension progression. 

Other possibilities indicating you are beginning to shift upward in consciousness:

You may feel you need protection from inner or outer forces, energies or beings that could be detrimental to your well-being.​ Possibly the removal of unbeneficial entities, spells, the presence ghosts or other paranormal debris would be of assistance.

Maybe you are feeling a need for reinforcement or some clarity in your efforts. Or you just need to know where to go from here, or even where to start. We are all moving further into uncharted territory.  

It is of benefit to remove and heal the effects of  undermining configurations made up of distorted energy embedded in the consciousness and held in the subtle bodies.  And to then connect with expanding awareness. This process allows for recognition and assimilation of infinite codes of transmutation into unity consciousness and very high level frequency transmissions. 

Is clarity alluding you due to chaos, confusion, despair, anger, etc, that is emanating from within or coming from all around you?

Do you practice meditation, or yoga?

Meditation is critical to your healing and development, and to actualize the true nature of Self.

Do you maintain an effective spiritual practice of some kind?

When contacting us, please provide a brief description of what you may be encountering on your journey. Let us know how we may assist you.

Send your message in the Contact Block on this page.  Please include your email address to receive a reply.

Gratitude & Sincere Blessings!



Note:  Inner-transformational work is not a substitute for medical care nor for diagnosis or treatment of any disease, infirmity or mental condition. Consult with a health care professional for advice as applicable.